Evangelism and Mission in Contemporary Society

Designation: EVAN 5013

The aim of this course is to provide the theological and practical tools necessary to reach people in contemporary society with the good news of Jesus Christ. The course will provide a comprehensive understanding of current changes and trends in Canadian society as they relate to religious beliefs and practices. Students will develop a practical understanding of how congregations can effectively engage their communities and successfully reach people with the gospel and integrate new members into the congregation.

Recommended Prior Study

  • None

Available in a Special Format

Course Information
Current Schedule - One-Week Intensive - Spring Term 2021 Designation Instructor

This course will have both synchronous and asyhncronous components

Synchronous times: 10:30-Noon & 3:30-4:45pm Tuesday May 25-Sat May 29.

EVAN 5013 X5 Dr. Stephen McMullin

Available Online

Course Information
Current Schedule - Weekly - Winter Term 2022 Designation Instructor

Class will have asynchronous material to be completed before synchronous class time.

Synchronous Class: Wed. 8:45-10:00am

EVAN 3013 A2 Dr. Stephen McMullin