Designation: THEO 7063

Seminar in various approaches to the doctrine of last things. Using eschatological issues as basic human questions, students will work with categories of Christian eschatological discourse: death, resurrection, judgment, Jesus Christ, consummation, and eternal life. In addition to gathering biblical data (including the apocalyptic and messianic traditions), attention will be given to evaluating various schools of interpretation, including: chiliasm, the Augustinian model, Joachimism, covenantal theology, dispensationalism, Barthianism, realized eschatology, kingdom thought, theology of hope, logical positivism, eco-eschatology, the Orthodox and Catholic traditions, Process thinking, and nihilism. The historic creeds will provide a frame of reference for building an authentically Christian eschatology.

Recommended Prior Study

  • Completion of, or concurrent enrolment in, THEO 5023 Christian Theology II, BIBL 5023 Interpreting the Old Testament and BIBL 5033 Interpreting the New Testament, or permission of instructor.


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Current Schedule - Weekly - Winter Term 2021DesignationInstructor

Wed. 1:30-2:30pm

THEO 7063 X2Dr. Spencer Boersma