Cultures and Systems Change

Designation: INCD 5513

The experience of Christianity has been culturally devastating for Indigenous peoples. Through exploring the process of decolonization and indigenization, this course will examine how Indigenous people live a biblically-informed Christian faith in the context of Indigenous cultures. Jesus, as a change master in a complex cultural system, is the model for guiding effective and lasting change. This course utilizes perspectives and tools for interpreting and guiding a cultural system towards deep change. Insights from various disciplines, such as anthropology, social psychology, and organizational science, will stimulate the exegesis of culture in fresh ways.

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Dr. Julene Pommert
Counselor, Northwest Family Life: 206-432-2371:

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Current Schedule - Special Time - Spring Term 2021 Designation Instructor

1:30-5pm: June 7,8,9,10,11

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