Cross Cultural Mission Partnership

Designation: EVAN 3073

This course prepares students for lifelong missional living and helps them develop a theology of mission. Topics covered: theoretical foundations of cross-cultural mission, the benefits and risks for the mission team and for the sending and receiving partners, team preparation and leadership, and elements of the post-experience debriefing.

Recommended Prior Study

  • Must be enrolled in the Crandall – Acadia Bachelor of Theology Partnership


Rev. Dr. Malcolm Card
(Retired) Staff, Canadian Baptist Ministries

Available in New Brunswick

We’re travelling so you don’t have to! This course is being offered as an extension class in New Brunswick.

Course Information
Current Schedule - Special Time - Full Year 2020DesignationInstructor

Classes in Moncton NB; For Crandall / Acadia BTh only

Fridays (Sept. 25, Oct. 23, Nov. 27, Jan. 22, Feb. 19, Mar. 12)

EVAN 3073 C0Rev. Dr. Malcolm Card