Creative Preaching: Beyond the ‘Big Idea’

Designation: PAST 4053

This course will focus upon preaching as the embodied oral/aural communication of biblically informed Christian convictions with the purpose of effecting some sort of change. Participants will be introduced to the embodied nature of preaching before exploring a variety of approaches and understandings of the practice of preaching. The course will cover-form sensitive; testimony; sequential; trouble and grace; collaborative; prophetic; evangelistic; extreme; and African-American celebratory styles of preaching. In exploring these approaches, the contribution that women’s styles of preaching, and black styles of preaching in particular make to our understanding will be highlighted and themes such as the use of multi-media, post-modern culture, preaching and politics, and ‘out-church’ preaching discussed as appropriate. Participants will have the opportunity to focus on two approaches to preaching that particularly interest them and can enhance their own practice and will have the opportunity to design and deliver sermons in these styles receiving peer and tutor, group and individual feedback.

Recommended Prior Study

  • PAST 3053


Rev. Dr. Stuart Blythe
John Gladstone Associate Professor of Preaching and Worship: 902-585-1803:

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PAST 4053 X2Rev. Dr. Stuart Blythe