Christology: The Person and Work of Jesus Christ

Designation: THEO 7043

A foundational seminar in the development of theological thought about the person and work of Jesus Christ. Biblical themes from Hebrew prophecies and the narratives of the New Testament include (Christology from below): birth and infancy; Jesus’ teaching as a rabbi; work in healing; crucifixion and resurrection; post-resurrection; ascension; and parousia. These themes will be integrated with doctrinal categories (including Christology from above) like: the pre-existent Christ with the Father; Christ in Creation; the two natures of Christ; Christ and the Spirit; the Saviour as atonement for sin; Christ as Judge, Christ in the church and sacraments/ordinances; the Lordship of Christ; the finality of Christ; and the Eternal Christ. Major recent Christological theologians for this course include K. Barth; R. Aldwinckle; W. Pannenberg; E. Schillebeeckx; P. Knitter; N.T. Wright; R. E. Brown; D. Migliore; and C. E. Gunton.

Recommended Prior Study

  • Completion of, or concurrent enrolment in, THEO 5013 Christian Theology I or 5023 THEO Christian Theology II, or permission of instructor.
  • Completion of, or concurrent enrolment in, BIBL 5023 Interpreting the Old Testament, BIBL 5033 Interpreting the New Testament, or permission of instructor.