Christian Ethics

Designation: THEO 6013

An introduction to the methods and processes of Christian moral concerns and appropriate responses. In the context of classical thinkers and schools, the range of Christian ethics will be presented, with special attention to categories of ethical inquiry such as race/ethnicity, sexuality, bioethics, the environment, peace and justice, and global concerns/human rights, especially from a Canadian perspective. In developing blended strategies for decision-making (deontological, teleological, character ethics, etc.), priority will be given to the use of key biblical texts and viewing the church as an ethical community.

Recommended Prior Study

  • THEO 5013 Christian Theology I
  • THEO 5023 Christian Theology II

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Course Information
Current Schedule - On Demand / Weekly - Fall Term 2020DesignationInstructor

Two on-demand lectures and one live class.

Weekly Meetings Wed. 3:30-4:30pm

THEO 6013 X1Dr. Anna Robbins