Commissioning & Convocation

The Commissioning Service

Since 1962, an annual Commissioning Service has been held for graduating students. The Commissioning Service is one of the spiritual high points of the school year. It is the College’s way of sending off the leaving students with its love and prayerful support. The departing students are commissioned to fulfill their ministry in Christ’s Church as they opportunity.

Annual John Gladstone Sermon

The person selected to preach the sermon for the Commissioning Service is invited to give the Annual John Gladstone Sermon, named for the highly regarded Senior Minister at Yorkminster Park Baptist Church in Toronto, Ontario, where he served between 1965 and 1991. The Reverend Dr. Allison A. Trites delivered the inaugural John Gladstone Sermon on April 4, 2002, with Dr. John Gladstone present at the Commissioning Service. Dr. Trites is the Payzant Distinguished Professor of New Testament, Emeritus, Acadia University.

Speakers for the annual Commissioning Service have included:

1963    H.M. DeWolfe

1964    Gerald Ward

1965    Harold Mitton

1966    W. John MacDonald

1967    Hubert Bartlett

1968    Keith Hobson

1969    Nelson Metcalfe

1970    George L. McNeill

1971     Malcolm F. Harlow

1972    George E. Levy

1973    Samuel J. Baxter

1974    Morris R.B. Lovesey

1975    I. Judson Levy

1976    Gordon S. Patch

1977    Ralph C. Chalmers

1978    G. Gerald Harrop

1979    Abner J. Langley

1980    Leonard F. Hatfield

1981     Thomas Robinson

1982    John B. Corston

1983    Charles Taylor

1984    James D. Glasse

1985    Harold L. Mitton

1986    H. Oliver Ohsberg

1987    Millard R. Cherry

1988    Donald Robertson

1989    George L. McNeill

1990    Malcolm F. Harlow

1991     Hedley Hopkins

1992    John W. Bartol

1993    J.R.C. Perkin

1994    Frank E. Locke

1995    Hugh McNally

1996    Sharon Budd

1997    Harry G. Gardner

1998    Andrew D. MacRae

1999    Pierre M. Allard

2000  David Phillips

2001    Dennis Veinotte

2002   Allison A. Trites

2003   Roy Williams

2004  Michael Quicke

2005   Harry G. Gardner

2006   Jonathan Wilson

2007   Lee M. McDonald

2008  Brian D. MacArthur

2009   Lois Mitchell

2010    Andrew Stirling

2011     Robert Wilson

2012    Allison A. Trites

2013    Pierre M. Allard

2014    Sarah Scott

2015    Lionel M. Moriah

2016    Robert R. Nylen

2017    J. Peter Holmes

2018    Carol Anne Janzen

2019    Harry G. Gardner

2020   Robert R. Nylen

2021    Gary V. Nelson

2022   Stephen McMullin

2023   R. Glenn Wooden

President’s Award

The recipient of the Acadia University Silver Medal in Theology shall receive the President’s Award of $500 for attaining the highest grade point average over his or her entire academic career at Acadia Divinity College, and who, in the judgement of the faculty, shows great potential for ministry.

Bronze Medal in Theology

The Acadia University Bronze Medal in Theology is awarded annually to the Bachelor of Theology graduate with the highest CGPA. This award is made annually at Spring Convocation by the University.

Silver Medal in Theology

The Acadia University Silver Medal in Theology is awarded to the top all-around Master of Divinity or Master of Arts (Theology) graduating student at Acadia Divinity College. Primary consideration will be given to students who have achieved a minimum CGPA of 3.6, with at least 75% of their degree requirements having been completed at Acadia. In addition to meeting the academic criteria, students will demonstrate spiritual maturity, an interest in the life of the College, and meaningful contribution to the ministry and life of the Church. This award is made annually at Spring Convocation by the University at the recommendation of the Faculty of Theology. Students may not receive this award more than once.

Honorary Doctorate

An Honorary Doctorate is an honour bestowed by the University and is intended to recognize individuals who have made extraordinary contributions to the academy and/or society and whose accomplishments, leadership, and/or community service are deemed to be extraordinary and thus worthy of honoris causa – “for the sake of the honour”.

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