Certificate of Ministerial Studies

This undergraduate-level non-credit program is designed to provide those over 55 years of age who are seeking ordination with a foundation of Biblical Studies, Theology, Christian History, and practical ministry. Applicants should normally have been accepted by their church or denomination as a candidate for ordination.

Program Requirements

To earn a completion certificate, students in this program must pass every course and earn an average of at least 55%. Course expectations are adjusted by the professor after determining the student’s capacity.

Course Number Course Name
IDST 2010 Orientation (non-credit course)
Biblical Studies
BIBL 2013 Interpreting the Bible
BIBL 3013 Introduction to the OT 1
BIBL 3023 Introduction to the OT 2
BIBL 3033 Introduction to the NT 1
BIBL 3043 Introduction to the NT 2
Christian Thought
CHUR 2033 History of Christianity
THEO 3013 Christian Theology 1
THEO 3023 Christian Theology 2
THEO 3033 Christian Ethics
CHUR 30231 Baptist History and Polity
EVAN 3013 Evangelism & Mission in Contemporary Society
EVAN 3023 Bringing Renewal to Established Congregations
SPFM 3013 Christian Spiritual Formation for Ministry Leaders
PAST 3043 Effective Preaching & Engaging Worship
PAST 3013 Developing Pastoral Identity for … Ministry
DISP 3013 Transformational Discipleship Ministry
PACC 3013 Understanding Pastoral Care & Counselling
PAST 4013 Mentored Ministry 1
PAST 4023 Mentored Ministry 2
YYAM 3013 Youth and Family Ministry


1 Those seeking ordination within a Baptist context take Baptist History and Polity (CHUR 3023). Those seeking ordination within another
denominational family should contact the Academic Dean regarding a Directed Study or alternate option for meeting denominational studies
requirements within their traditions.

Admission Requirements

Those applying to the Certificate in ministerial Studies must be over 55 years of age and have no formal education beyond the High School level.

Program Calendar
Catherine Cole
Manager of Recruitment and Admissions: (902) 585-2220: catherine.cole@acadiau.ca