Acadia Divinity College is pleased to host individuals who are working towards the Certificate in Lay Leadership through the Canadian Baptists of Atlantic Canada. This is a non-credit training program designed to equip lay leaders with additional biblical, theological and practical information that will help them in their roles within their church context. It is not a university-credit program, and not affiliated with Acadia University, nor is it a program for individuals who want to move forward with ordination into full-time ministry.

For information on approval by the CBAC’s Board of Ministerial Standards and Education (BMSE) to take the Certificate in Lay Leadership, please see the CBAC’s “Regulations Concerning the Ministry, Sections 4 and 5-Recognized Lay Leader” at Individuals can contact the CBAC’s Administrative Assistant, Pastoral Ministry Department, Dale Taber for further information, and for an application to apply to the BMSE. An individual must be a member of a CBAC church and hold a Church License to Minister from that church in order to meet with the BMSE. They must receive approval from the BMSE to take the Certificate in Lay Leadership.

After being approved by the BMSE to take the Certificate in Lay Leadership, individuals may contact Student Services at Acadia Divinity College to receive instructions on how to enroll in the Certificate program. They should supply Student Services with a copy of their letter of approval from the BMSE.