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Acadia Divinity College: An Award-Winning Reimagined Story

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Through the process of rebranding in the summer of 2021, our newly created communications team worked to tell the story of Acadia Divinity College (ADC) in new and creative ways. On May 11, 2022, ADC was awarded two first-place awards and one second-place award from the Canadian Christian Communicators Association for work from 2021: 
  • First place, Blog Series – 

As part of our strategic vision, “Change with Purpose,” ADC promised to maintain a strong foundation to enable the College to explore creative initiatives. A key piece of this work is building clear communication as we identify audiences and tell our story better. 

This was the first time that ADC has submitted work for consideration to any communications-based awards. With placement in each of the three categories submitted, we are encouraged by this recognition that we are telling our story in ways that resonate with our target audiences.  

The judges were impressed by the College’s “deliberate attention to purpose, growth and change” concluding that “this brand will carry [the College] well over the next 50 years.” With helpful tips on how to improve our entries for next year, we are well-equipped to expand on our submissions to showcase this East Coast gem.  

For the full list of winners, please visit: https://www.christiancommunicators.ca/awards-program/awards-for-work-published-in-2021  

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