Acadia Divinity College Reaches Building Renewal Fund Goal

The renewal of the College building was a journey of faith that began with engineering reports in 2013 showing that the building exterior was deteriorating and needed significant restoration to keep it structurally sound. Further architect and construction reports showed that interior upgrades were also required to meet more stringent fire and life safety codes, enhance accessibility for persons with physical disabilities and improve interior air quality.

Additional deficiencies were identified through the demolition process in the Summer of 2018. To address these issues and to bring the College building in compliance with the current building code, in January 2019 the Board of Trustees authorized a revised final budget of $2.85 million.

During the ADC Big Summer Stop on August 26, 2020, President Anna Robbins announced that the College reached the goal of financing the cost of renewing the College building. “Facing a project of this magnitude was daunting but with gifts from our donors over the years, interest on those gifts and pledges that continue to be fulfilled, the building loan has been retired.”

Servicing a construction debt would have been an additional budget cost for ADC for many years to come, and would be especially difficult this year as the College continues to face new challenges due to the coronavirus pandemic. Dr. Robbins expressed gratitude for the financial health of ADC. “The College continues to operate without any debt. We are thankful for the Atlantic Baptist Foundation who provided the bridge financing for the project, and especially for our supporters who believe in the mission and the work at ADC.”

Dr. Robbins also paid tribute to the Board of Trustees for their oversight of the financial resources and governance of the College. “I am grateful for our Board of many gifted people who have help manage our resources with great skill and clarity, and make decisions with a listening heart to how the Spirit of God is leading.”

Mrs. Kathy Watt, Chair of the Board of Trustees, joined President Robbins via Zoom for the announcement. “God has been at work in so many ways through this project – through the dedication, service, and skill of the Board of Trustees, President, staff and faculty of the College. We are overjoyed with how God has used our supporters to provide. Individuals and churches have played a crucial part in making this happen through their gifts, prayers and support. We are deeply grateful for their partnership.”

To celebrate the College building and its importance to the mission of ADC, a plaque now sits proudly at the front doors. At its unveiling, Board Chair Kathy Watt announced, “This plaque placed in the entranceway to the College building is a marker of our gratitude to God for this place and with eager expectation of what he will yet do here through the work of ADC.”

Building Dedication Sign

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