Bachelor of Theology

Discover with Purpose

If you feel called to a career in ministry and desire a versatile education rooted in Christian Theology, our Bachelor of Theology (BTh) program will prepare you with the skills you need to walk confidently as a Christian wherever your education takes you.

The foundation of the BTh is built on Biblical Studies, Christian History and Theology, however you will also balance out your education by taking electives in Arts and Sciences from Acadia University and be introduced to current and proven ministry practices.

Learning is flexible and many courses can be taken either on campus, online or in intensive units that make studying possible for students who are unable to attend locally or full time.

In addition to the non-Ordination track degree, there are other options within the BTh program for you to consider:

If you have already completed your first degree at Acadia University and are still seeking to build upon your theological education, ADC offers a unique opportunity for you to enroll in the “2nd Undergraduate Degree” program to complete your BTh.

Please contact the BTh Director, Dr Chris Killacky if you would like more information and advice.

Program Director
Dr. Christopher Killacky
Associate Professor of Theology
PHONE: 1-902-585-2219EMAIL: christopher.killacky@acadiau.ca
Catherine Cole
Manager of Recruitment and Admissions
PHONE: 1-902-585-2220EMAIL: catherine.cole@acadiau.ca

Program Overview

Course NumberCourse NameCredit Hours
IDTH 2010OrientationPass/Fail
Arts and Science
English electives (normally 1000-level)6
Economics/Political Science/Sociology6
Biology/Physics/Chemistry/Math/other Science6
Language electives26
Biblical Studies
BIBL 2013Interpreting the Bible3
BIBL 3013Introduction to the Old Testament 13
BIBL 3023Introduction to the Old Testament 23
BIBL 3033Introduction to the New Testament 13
BIBL 3043Introduction to the New Testament 23
Christian Thought
CHUR 2033History of Christianity3
THEO 3013Christian Theology 13
THEO 3023Christian Theology 23
THEO 3033Christian Ethics3
Ministry Electives (to be chosen from Leadership, Next Generation Ministry, Discipleship, or Evangelism and Mission)
Ministry elective3
Ministry elective3
Ministry elective3
Ministry elective3
Ministry elective3
Ministry elective3
Electives3 (to be chosen from any university Faculty, including Theology)
Total Credit Hours90


1 This degree alone is not intended to prepare for Ordained Ministry. Prospective students seeking ordination should consult their
denomination or church to determine ordination requirements before commencing a program of study.
2 Greek and Hebrew recommended
3 Pastoral Ministry courses excluded.


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