About the Partnership

This unique partnership gives students enrolled at Crandall University in Moncton, NB, the opportunity to enroll in the Bachelor of Theology degree program with Acadia University (through Acadia Divinity College) concurrent with their Crandall degree program.   Students take specialized courses that focus on personal discipleship, Christian service in the church and community, as well as courses in Biblical studies and theology.  Practical elements in the program provide students the opportunity to serve and lead locally and internationally.

This degree is designed specifically for those students who have a passion for serving God and developing a stronger relationship with Him.  While not designed to prepare students for ordained ministry, this double-degree learning experience is an excellent foundation for those who wish to do further study towards a Master of Divinity degree.

Program Highlights:

  • International mission experience after 1st year
  • Spring courses at Acadia University
  • Significant scholarships available
  • Opportunities to serve in church and community throughout all four years
  • Combined benefit of studying under Crandall and Acadia Divinity College scholars
  • Cohort study and mentorship experience
  • Opportunity for spiritual formation and discipleship


What to Expect When You Graduate

An Acadia Bachelor of Theology degree, in addition to a Crandall degree, prepares graduates for many different career paths as well as a variety of advanced study opportunities. Graduates will also be well equipped for leadership in church and community ministries. While not designed to prepare students for ordained ministry, this double-degree learning experience is an excellent foundation for those who wish to do further study towards a Master of Divinity degree.

Program Requirements

A grade of 2.0 is necessary for each course in order to apply that course toward the Bachelor of Theology degree. A CGPA of 2.0 is necessary to graduate.

Course NumberCourse NameCredit Hours
Arts and Science
Arts and Science electives are recognized as a block of completed courses, not transferred individually30
Biblical Studies (Courses taken at Crandall University)
BIBL 2013 (Crandall – RS1003)Interpreting the Bible3
BIBL 3013 (Crandall – RS2003)Introduction to the Old Testament 13
BIBL 3023 (Crandall – RS3053)Introduction to the Old Testament 23
BIBL 3033 (Crandall – RS2033)Introduction to the New Testament 13
BIBL 3043 (Crandall – RS3063)Introduction to the New Testament 23
Christian Thought
CHUR 2033History of Christianity3
THEO 3013Christian Theology 13
THEO 3023Christian Theology 23
THEO 3033Christian Ethics3
SPFM 3013Christian Spiritual Formation for Ministry Leaders3
DISP 2023Intro Praxis3
DISP 3023Junior Praxis3
DISP 4023Senior Praxis3
DISP 3036Mission Praxis3
EVAN 3073Theology and Practice of Short-Term Missions3
Ministry Electives
Total Credit Hours90


Those accepted into the program must have a high school diploma with at least an 80% grade 12 average.

Generously funded by the Atlantic Baptist Foundation

Frequently Asked Questions

The key is in the number of courses that count toward both degrees. We have planned this program so that a significant number of courses overlap between Crandall and ADC requirements.

The only extra costs are the tuition for four spring courses (taken directly from Acadia Divinity College) after years 1 and 2, and after year 3, and the international mission experience.
The costs for this will be no more than $400 per course and the actual cost of the mission trip.

This is a very solid foundational degree for those who want to work in ministry positions, but does not specifically prepare you for vocational ministry. However, it is a solid foundation for those who go on to do a Master of Divinity

Most of your study will happen at Crandall, but in the spring term after your first and third years you will spend two weeks studying at Acadia University.

Absolutely! The unique combination of this degree and the Crandall degree you will graduate with will be a solid foundation for many options for further study.

For sure! You will participate in graduation activities at both Crandall and Acadia University!

The two schools both have a solid commitment to discipleship and training young leaders. Because of this common interest they have worked out a tuition-sharing agreement that makes the low cost possible!

You need to have an 80% average on English 12-2 and four additional grade 12 academic level courses.

Easy Answer – You pay all of your tuition to Crandall except the extra amount for the spring courses in the spring of years one and three.

Dale Stairs. He has a wealth of experience in youth ministry and is currently doing his PhD in the area of discipleship.

Rev. Dale Stairs
Director, Crandall-Acadia Bachelor of Theology Partnership: 1-506-858-8970 ext: 121: dale.stairs@crandallu.ca

The B.Th. courses that are specifically ADC courses (not normally available to other Crandall students) are:

  • History of Christianity
  • Christian Spiritual Formation
  • Intro Praxis*
  • Theology and Practice of Short Term Mission
  • Mission Praxis*,
  • Christian Theology 1&2
  • Youth and Family Ministry
  • Theology and Practice of Worship
  • Christian Camping and Children’s Ministry
  • Old Testament 2
  • Christian Ethics
  • Junior Praxis*
  • Senior Praxis*
  • New Testament 2
  • Evangelism and Mission

(*Praxis courses are practical learning opportunities that involve students in intensive serving within community service and ministry organizations)