Acadia Divinity College Board of Trustees

Appointed by the Canadian Baptists of Atlantic Canada (CBAC)

Term Expires November 2021:

Mr. Greg L. Cox, Mt. Hanley NS (Secretary)

Miss Beverley I. Gray, Halifax NS

Dr. Jacqueline (Jacquie) Milliken, Bridgewater NS

Mrs. Kathy E. Watt, Fredericton NB (Vice-Chair)

Term Expires November 2022:

Rev. Dr. Perry Hanley, Oromocto NB

Mr. Scott N. Larson, Saint John NB

Ms. Airdrie Miller, St. John’s NL

Rev. Sarah Scott, Woodville NS

Term Expires November 2023:

Mr. Mark A. Jelley, Charlottetown PE

Rev. Dr. Brian D. MacArthur, Moncton NB (Chair)

Rev. Grace I. Skeir, Dartmouth NS

Mrs. Goldye L. Smith, Dartmouth NS

Appointed by the Board of Governors of Acadia University 

Term Expires September 2021

Mr. James Stanley, Brookside NS

Term Expires September 2022

Mr. Stan Thomas, Dartmouth NS

Term Expires September 2023



Dr. Peter Reid, Executive Minister, Canadian Baptists of Atlantic Canada

Dr. Peter Ricketts, President, Acadia University

Dr. Anna Robbins, President, Acadia Divinity College


Mr. Mike Poworoznyk, Student appointee

Dr. Matt Walsh, Faculty appointee

Vacant, Alumni appointee

Acadia Divinity College Senate


Mr. James Stanley (retiring 2021)

Rev. Grace Skeir (retiring 2022)

Mrs. Goldye Smith (retiring 2023)

Ex Officio

Dr. Anna Robbins, President

Dr. Stephen McMullin, Academic Dean


Dr. Stuart Blythe, Faculty (retiring 2022)

Dr. Matt Walsh, Faculty (retiring 2021)

Rev. Renée Clark, Alumni

Rev. Devin Johnstone, Alumni

Mr. Mike Poworoznyk, Student