What is the Bible Knowledge Exam?

Acadia Divinity College strives to help students acquire a solid understanding of the content of the Bible and learn how to interpret the scriptures. One way ADC helps is through the course Survey of the Bible (BIBL 5013). This course is a comprehensive survey of the Bible spread over two terms using online instruction. The final exam for the course is the ADC Bible Knowledge Exam.


Who should take the Bible Knowledge Exam?

  1. Some incoming students may wish to attempt to test out of Survey of the Bible BIBL 5013 by taking the Bible Knowledge Exam prior to beginning their studies at ADC. Those who score more than 65% on the exam will be permitted to take an elective in the place of BIBL 5013.
  2. Students wishing to enroll in Interpreting the Old Testament BIBL 5023 or Interpreting the New Testament BIBL 5033 must first pass the Bible Knowledge Exam or enroll in Survey of the Bible BIBL 5013 (which may be taken concurrently with BIBL 5023 and/or BIBL 5033).  Students need not pass the Bible Knowledge Exam to enroll in other graduate-level courses.
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About the Bible Knowledge Exam

Details on the Exam

The Bible Knowledge Exam consists primarily of multiple choice questions, with some true/false and matching questions as well. It is administered entirely online with a time limit of 1.5 hours. The test is 100 questions generated at random from a bank of 1,000 questions.

When and How

The student MUST have a proctor (e.g. a pastor or professor) to administer the exam. The student cannot, at any time during the test, open any other application or webpage on their computer. The student is also not allowed to access any notes or books during the test (the proctor will be informed of this when they call for instructions).

The student will contact Danny Zacharias one week prior to the date they wish to take the exam to ensure the date is acceptable. 2 days before the exam the proctor will contact Danny by email to receive a password and instructions for the exam.

How Can I Prepare

To prepare for the exam we recommend reading the Bible from beginning to end. Questions on the test come from every book in the Bible and focus on main characters, key events and places, important and recognizable passages, and main themes in each book. In addition to reading the Bible, an excellent website for study and preparation is http://www.enterthebible.org/

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On The Content and Format of the Exam
Please Contact:
Dr. Daniel Zacharias
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