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Rev. Dr. Frank Guinta Jr (’75) receives the 2022 ADC Alumni Distinguished Service Award

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In recognition of his faithful service and lifelong commitment to building the body of Christ through cooperation and mentoring, Acadia Divinity College will present the 2022 Alumni Distinguished Service Award to Rev. Dr. Frank J. Guinta Jr. (MDiv ’75) on Friday, August 12, 2022.

A photo of Reverend Doctor Frank Guinta Junior
Rev. Dr. Frank Guinta Jr.

In a world that often polarizes and divides, the ministry of uniting people in Christ is a difficult, but important calling. Over his 60+ years of ministry, Rev. Dr. Frank Guinta Jr. has sought to do just that. At every stage of his life, Frank has been committed to building the Kingdom of God by encouraging and facilitating cooperation between individuals, churches and organizations.

Having experienced a call to ministry while serving at Cyder Lake United Baptist Church in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Frank enrolled in Acadia University. After earning a Bachelor of Arts in 1972, Frank went on to earn a Master of Divinity from Acadia Divinity College in 1975.

“Acadia became my spiritual home,” says Frank. “It played a large role in my own development as a student. It is a place that I have returned to time and time again for refreshment, encouragement, and growth.”

Frank served a number of churches within the Canadian Baptists of Atlantic Canada and the African United Baptist Association of Nova Scotia before being ordained at First Baptist Church, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia in 1975. In 1979 the Lord called him west to serve in pastoral roles with the Canadian Baptists of Ontario and Quebec as well as the Canadian Baptists of Western Canada, before returning to pastor again in Nova Scotia in 2003.

In 2009 Frank was called to serve as Regional Minister with the Canadian Baptists of Atlantic Canada. In this denominational role, Frank provided support, encouragement, and oversight for over 80 churches in Halifax, Cape Breton, and Newfoundland.

“It was in this work that I really learned how important it was for churches to be together and to work together,” Frank says. “It’s given me a lifelong passion to see the church united in Christ. We are better together.”

Rev. Dr. Frank Guinta Jr. (L) receives the ADC Alumni Distinguished Services Award from Rev. Dr. Anna Robbins, (R) ADC President

Following his retirement in 2011, Frank refocused his life on mentoring individuals and churches in their walk with the Lord. “Ministry is hard, and you should not do it alone,” Frank says. “Jesus’ model was to invite others to partner with Him to do ministry together. We need to do the same.”

Frank has lived this model in his continued ministry with churches. “Intentional Interim ministry allows me to be invited by a church to come alongside them in a time of change and transition,” he says. “I’m able to walk with them, help them dream, and make plans for the next stage of their ministry in their communities. It’s a great blessing.”

Frank also seeks to follow Jesus’ model of ministry through mentoring individuals – especially those called into pastoral ministry. In particular, he focuses his time on those who have come from other countries to study and minister in Atlantic Canada.

“I get to walk with them through their studies and then into local church ministry,” Frank says. “Having left their homes and communities many of these people are missing their support network. It’s a privilege to be invited into their lives in such a meaningful way.”

Reflecting on his life in ministry, Frank’s goal is to have life-giving relationships. These relationships are not for himself, however. “I pray that those entering into ministry today will see that living alone does not produce good ministry. Life together creates a vibrant and powerful community that creates change for the cause of Christ. We are better together.”

Frank is married to Donna and lives in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. He is blessed to have two children, Jonathan and Julia who is married to Jesse, and a grandson, Owen. His father, Rev. Frank Guinta Sr. (BD ’68), was part of the first graduating class of Acadia Divinity College.

The ADC Alumni Distinguished Service Award, inaugurated in 1995, honours graduates of Acadia Divinity College whose gifts for ministry have contributed significantly to the Christian Church in Canada or throughout the world.

Join us for the presentation of the 2022 ADC Alumni Distinguished Service Award

Friday, August 12, 2022 at Acadia Divinity College

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