Minor in Theological Studies

A minor in Theology can complement your major, broaden your perspective, and develop your skills.

Acadia University undergraduates are welcome to take courses at ADC (Acadia University’s Faculty of Theology) at no additional cost.  Undergraduate courses in Biblical Studies, Theology, and Christian History can be taken and applied to undergraduate degrees being pursued through other faculties at Acadia

Undergraduate students from the faculties of Pure & Applied Science, Arts, and Professional Studies at Acadia University may choose to minor in Theological Studies. Students pursuing a degree with the Faculty of Pure & Applied Science are required to complete 12 credit hours and students pursuing a degree with the Faculty of Arts are required to complete 24 credit hours from the chosen courses in the table below. Students pursuing a degree with the Faculty of Professional Studies must consult their academic advisor to determine the hours required for this minor.

Students may choose to take courses as electives or to complete a package of courses that can fulfill the requirement for a minor in their degree program. Undergraduate Ministry courses are only open to students enrolled in degree programs at ADC.

Course Options

Course NumberCourse Name
Biblical Studies
BIBL 2013Interpreting the Bible
BIBL 2023Survey of the Bible
BIBL 3013Introduction to the Old Testament 1
BIBL 3023Introduction to the Old Testament 2
BIBL 3033Introduction to the New Testament 1
BIBL 3043Introduction to the New Testament 2
GREE 3023Foundations of New Testament Greek 1
GREE 3023Foundation of New Testament Greek 2
HEBR 3013Foundations of Biblical Hebrew 1
HEBR 3023Foundations of Biblical Hebrew 2
Christian Thought
CHUR 2033History of Christianity
CHUR 4033Women in the Christian Tradition
THEO 3013Christian Theology 1
THEO 3023Christian Theology 2
THEO 3033Christian Ethics
THEO 3153Theology of Love

For advice on course selection, students may wish to consult Shawna Peverill, the Acadia Divinity College Registrar or Dr. Christopher Killacky, the ADC Director of the Undergraduate Programs.