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ADC Celebrates 10-Year Accreditation Renewal by the Association of Theological Schools

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The ADC Board of Trustees and President Anna Robbins are pleased to announce the 10-year renewal of accreditation for Acadia Divinity College (ADC) by the Board of Commissioners of the Association of Theological Schools (ATS). In granting the accreditation until 2031, ATS highlighted the College’s leadership, resources, institutional integrity, and culture of collaboration as distinctive strengths that enable us to effectively live out our mission.

The Process: A Team Effort

ATS Accreditation is a two-step process of self-assessment and peer-review with a focus on quality assurance and continuous improvement in graduate theological education. With a set of ATS standards that emphasize student learning and formation, accreditation provides the framework for theological schools to hold themselves accountable.

Over the course of one year, ADC faculty and staff reflected on our strengths as well as areas for development related to diversity, global awareness and engagement, planning and evaluation, educational modalities and policies, student services, governance, and institutional resources.

Input was also sought from across the broader constituency, including churches, alumni, and students. This rigorous self-evaluation produced a set of recommendations for action and informed our strategic priorities for the next 5-10 years.

“ADC is well-equipped to not only meet the challenges of the day, but to lead in maximizing opportunities for the creative development of theological education. We have the strength of our historical roots, in church and university. Out of that tradition, we intend to continue in a spirit of engagement and innovation.”

– Anna Robbins, ADC President

The Results: Distinctive Strengths

A four-person ATS Accreditation Team made up of members from peer theological schools and religious institutions reviewed the results of our self-assessment and the suite of supporting documentation.

During a virtual visit from March 15th to 18th, 2021 the Team engaged in wide-ranging discussions with our community – members of the Board of Trustees, faculty, staff, students and alumni – as well as representatives from Acadia University.

The Accreditation Team’s resulting report to the ATS Board of Commissioners recommended the reaffirmation of ADC’s accreditation for ten years (the longest accreditation period awarded), highlighted the distinctive strengths of the College, and noted the initiatives that we are planning to undertake.

Throughout this process of reflection and assessment, it has been clear that we have developed a culture of collaboration, evaluation, and continuous improvement. All of this is supported by our team – a team who is committed to serving our students, ensuring the best possible educational experience, and supporting them in ministry and academics.

Looking Ahead: Telling Our Story

The ATS accreditation has reaffirmed ADC’s quality of teaching and learning, and our institutional integrity, which are key pieces in our ongoing story. As we look to the future, we are excited to tell that story in new and creative ways while continuing to outwork our mission with confidence.


About the Association of Theological Schools

The Association of Theological Schools promotes the improvement and theological schools and provides programs, services and research to support the work of member graduate schools of theology.

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