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Several onsite resources are available to researchers.

Called to Serve

Called to Serve is a grant-funded oral history project and podcast featuring women who were ordained by Baptist churches in Atlantic Canada between 1950 and 2020. More than 100 women were ordained during this time. The project seeks to interview as many of these women as possible in order to share their stories. We hope that hearing about these women’s ministries, joys, and struggles will encourage and challenge others. We also hope that analyzing these women’s experiences will contribute to scholarly understanding of North American women in ministry.

Atlantic Baptist Stories

Atlantic Baptist Stories is an oral history podcast featuring the stories of Baptists from Atlantic Canada.

Jarold K. Zeman Collection

This collection, donated to Acadia in 1991, consists of the professional library of Jarold Knox Zeman, Professor of Church History at the Acadia Divinity College from 1968 until retirement in 1991 and a renowned Canadian Baptist leader. It includes monographs, serials, and pamphlets relating to the Hussite and Anabaptist Movements in Europe, and numerous works on North American Baptist and Anabaptist history.

Watson Kirkconnell Collection

This collection, the private library of Dr. Watson Kirkconnell, ninth President of Acadia University, came to Acadia on his death in 1977. Kirkconnell was formerly a distinguished professor at McMaster University. He was a Milton scholar, translator of many poetic literatures – Icelandic, Hungarian, Polish, Ukrainian- to name a few. Kirkconnell was a founder of the Humanities Research Council of Canada and the Baptist Federation of Canada. This collection of monographs and serials exemplifies Kirkconnell’s broad interests.

Atlantic Baptist Archives

The archives preserves information for the Baptist churches in Atlantic Canada along with their governing organization, the Canadian Baptists of Atlantic Canada. Only a small selection of material dates from the 1700s to early 1800s; most of the records date from the late 1800s into the 21st century. The Baptist Historical Collection holds a wealth of information about the history of the Baptist faith, histories of churches in the region, and the activities of congregations. Missions at home and abroad are also found in this collection.


Acadia University maintains a digital repository of theses and dissertations written by its students in Acadia Scholar. Several of these works written throughout the years have used resources from the Atlantic Baptist Archives. View a list of these theses and dissertations, along with links to them, here

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