The Early English General Baptists and Their Theological Formation


William H. Brackney

Centre for Baptist History and Heritage Studies, Volume 14, and the Acadia Centre for Baptist and Anabaptist Studies. Oxford: Regent’s Park College, 2017.

ISBN #978-907600-25-8

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A scholarly treatment of the first generation of the English General Baptists that identifies their character as a sect, their emerging theological consensus as distilled from their principal literature, and a listing and analysis of published works about the General Baptists. The book uniquely provides biographical details, works, about, and details of works by twenty-eight writers and several confessional documents. The span dates cover the roots of the General Baptist tradition from 1609 to its period of mature expression in the later 1680s, ranging from John Smyth and Thomas Helwys to Thomas Grantham and Matthew Caffyn.

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