To Be A Pilgrim: A Biography of Silas Tertius Rand, 1810-1889


Dorothy May Lovesey

Hantsport: Lancelot Press 1992

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Silas Tertius Rand, a colorful, controversial, pious figure in the Baptist world of the nineteenth century, devoted himself to the evangelization of the Micmac people. A self-educated man of rare linguistic ability he undertook the translation of the Bible into Micmac, compiled a dictionary, transcribed the legends that survived in the oral tradition, and devised lesson books to promote the language. His quest for holy living led him to the acceptance of a life of faith and to a sojourn among the Plymouth Brethren. While not agreeing with all that he did, many would find the words of D.A. Steele apposite: he was “an example of that faith in God which we all would do well to cultivate more implicitly.”

Dorothy May Lovesey was born and educated in Johannesburg, South Africa, was resident in England for twelve years, and since 1956 has lived with her family in Wolfville, Nova Scotia. A graduate of Acadia and London Universities, her areas of interest have included Classics, English Language and Literature, Philosophy, and Theology. She has served Acadia University as an Assistant Professor in the Department of English.

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