A Fragile Stability: Definition and Redefinition of Maritime Baptist Identity


David T. Priestly

Hantsport: Lancelot Press, 1994

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The general outline of Atlantic Baptist history runs from its roots in the revivals among the New England Planters in Nova Scotia in the 1770s to the present religious structures that exist both within and without the United Baptist Convention of the Atlantic Provinces. These papers from the Maritimes were prepared for two Canadian Baptist Heritage Conferences – the first was held in Edmonton, AB, in 1990; the second in Toronto, ON, in 1993 which were part of a series of ad hoc conferences begun at Acadia in 1979. Each paper in the collection demonstrates the counter-pressures of turbulence and stability as the Baptists grew and developed under both theological and cultural pressures.

Part 1 examines two theological issues, baptism and “holiness”. Part 2, in four papers that chronologically span both the 19th and 20th centuries, explains the Baptist struggle to understand the role of leadership and to provide for the missionary ministry of Atlantic Baptist women. Part 3 takes up these themes as they appear in 20th-century personalities and movements.

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