George Rawlyk Memorial Lectures in Baptist Studies

Dr. George Rawlyk

The Rawlyk Lectures were established in 2009 in memory of Dr. George Rawlyk. Rawlyk was born into a Ukrainian immigrant community in Ontario in 1935. He became a Baptist as a teenager, thanks to the influence of a Baptist mission in his community. He earned a degree in history at McMaster University, where he also played football. Rather than pursuing a football career, Rawlyk accepted a Rhodes Scholarship to study at Oxford University. He also earned degrees from the University of Rochester.

Rawlyk began his teaching career at Mount Allison University in 1959 and soon moved to Dalhousie University. In 1966 he began teaching history at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, where he remained until his death. He also lectured or taught at a variety of other universities. Over the course of his career Rawlyk wrote or edited more than thirty books, focusing especially on Canadian Baptist history. He also mentored many emerging scholars. Sadly, he passed away in 1995 as the result of injuries sustained from a car accident.

The Rawlyk lectures are held every two years in memory of George Rawlyk. Featured speakers bring expertise in various areas of Baptist studies.

Biographical information taken from Laurie McBurney, “George Rawlyk,” Convivium, August 27, 2017.

Past Rawlyk Lectures

Dr. Hannah M. Lane

“Church Conflict and Social Ethics in a Maine-New Brunswick Borderlands Community”
30 September 2020
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Andrea Strübind

“Baptists and National Socialism”
2 November 2015
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“A Rocky and Winding Road: Women and Ministry in the German Baptist Context”
3 November 2015
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Nick Bunker

“An English Baptist in the Age of Shakespeare”
23 September 2013
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“The Politics of Dissent”
24 September 2013
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Larry Kreitzer

“William Kiffin and His Circle”
21 November 2011

“The Prodigal Henry Hills: Printer of the King James Version”
22 November 2011

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Jarold K. Zeman Memorial Lectures in Anabaptist Studies

Dr. Jarold Zeman

The Zeman Lectures were established in 2009 in memory of Dr. Jarold K. Zeman. Born in Czechoslovakia in 1926, Zeman came to Canada as a student in 1948. He earned degrees from Charles University, Knox College, and University of Zurich. During his years of study in Toronto, he became a Baptist and an ordained minister. Zeman served as a pastor to Czech immigrants and worked with the Baptist Convention of Ontario and Quebec.

Zeman served as the first professor of church history at Acadia Divinity College from 1968 until 1991. In this position, he was influential in publishing and promoting the study of Baptist and Anabaptist history in Canada. Scholar Martin Marty once called him “the best church historian in North America.” Zeman received honorary Doctor of Divinity degrees from McMaster University and Acadia University and the Comenius Medal from the University of Prague. He also served as the president of the Baptist Federation of Canada. Zeman helped found the Acadia Centre for Baptist and Anabaptist Studies in 1991. He retired the same year and passed away in 2000.

The Zeman lectures are held every two years in memory of Jarold K. Zeman. Featured speakers bring expertise in various areas of Anabaptist studies.

Biographical information taken from Taylor Murray, “Preacher, Professor, Prophet: The Life, Ministry, and Thought of Jarold K. Zeman,” McMaster Journal of Theology and Ministry 19 (2017-2018): 3-30.

Past Zeman Lectures:

Rothkegel, Martin

“Hoc enim est novam ecclesiam construere: The Making of Churches in Western Christianity, 1400-1600,”
22 June 2016.

Stayer, James

“Jarold K. Zeman and the Trajectory of Moravian Anabaptist History,”
12 November 2014.
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Roth, John

“Dying to Live: the Martyrs Mirror and its Complicated Legacy in the Free Church Tradition,”
1 October 2012

“Bearing Witness:  A New Martyrs Mirror for the 21st Century?,”
2 October 2012.

Rothkegel, Martin

“Moravia: Promised Land or Dead End of Early Anabaptism?”
4 October 2010

“A Beehive or a Clockwork: Hutterites in the 16th and 17th Centuries,”
5 October 2010.

Previous ACBAS Lectures

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