COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Information – Update 1 – March 15

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Dear Acadia Divinity College,

As the situation around the spread of COVID-19 continues to unfold rapidly, Acadia Divinity College is making every effort to protect the health and well-being of our students, faculty and staff.

We are working closely with our colleagues at Acadia University, who have recently released details concerning their classes and other campus matters. Students who have classes at the university are encouraged to take special note of the directions given.

Acadia Divinity College classes will be moving to an online-only format from March 14 until the end of the term. All students will be asked to join their classes remotely. If this is difficult or impossible for you to do for some reason, please contact your professor to make an appropriate arrangement. If you require technical assistance, please refer to our help page: https://acadiadiv.ca/online/#virtual, or contact John Campbell, Director of Technology.

For now, students can still use the building for study, but they should practice social distancing and good hygiene, but students should watch for any changes to this plan or opening times. Anyone who has been out of the country is required to self-isolate and not enter the building until 14 days after your return.

Continue to be vigilant about social distancing, and hand washing. Chapel services at Acadia Divinity College have been cancelled, but the chapel remains open for prayer. All Acadia Divinity College Student Association (ADCSA) events have been cancelled, along with course-related travel until at least the end of May. This is likely to be extended.

Please be mindful of one another in these days, and care for those who may feel especially isolated or lonely. We are taking great care to prevent the spread of disease that will impact especially the elderly and vulnerable. It is a self-sacrificing action, that we hope will support our health care system, and ultimately save lives.

If you are feeling anxious or alone, please tell someone. We will need to be creative with our commitment to human contact and find ways to use our technology to stay connected. Graduating students will be concerned about Commissioning and Convocation. We are too. As soon as any decisions are made about these you will be informed, along with any other news as things develop.

This is a time for the church to demonstrate the love of God in Christ, and to grasp the creative heights of the Holy Spirit as we stay connected while staying healthy and well. How can you make a difference?

Love in Christ to you all,

Dr. Anna Robbins
President, Acadia Divinity College
Dean of Theology, Acadia University

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