Celebrating New Appointments at Acadia Divinity College

The Board of Trustees of Acadia Divinity College met on May 5, 2016, and a number of positive decisions were made that will strengthen the Faculty of Acadia Divinity College and is cause for celebration. These changes will become effective July 1, 2016.

Dr. Anna Robbins has been appointed as Vice-President for a three-year appointment. Previously, she has served as Academic Dean between August 2012, when she joined the College, and June 2016. 

Anna will continue to serve as the Associate Professor of Theology, Culture and Ethics as well as the Director of Doctoral Studies.  In early February 2016, Anna became the inaugural Director of the Andrew D. MacRae Centre for Christian Faith and Culture.


Dr. Stephen McMullin has been granted tenure and will serve as Academic Dean for a three-year appointment. 

In September 2010, Steve joined Acadia Divinity College as the Director of ADC New Brunswick and Lecturer in Evangelism and Mission.  He was appointed Associate Professor in November 2012, and he was named to the Sheldon and Marjorie Fountain Chair of Evangelism and Mission on July 1, 2014. Steve will continue to serve as the Director of Simpson Lectures.


Dr. Glenn Wooden, Associate Professor of Old Testament Studies, has been named to the Payzant Chair of Biblical Studies. His title will be Payzant Associate Professor of Old Testament Studies. Glenn has also accepted the role of Director of the Master of Arts (Theology) Program.

On July 1, 1993, Glenn was appointed as Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies and ADC Librarian.  In 2002, he was promoted to Associate Professor of Old Testament Studies. Glenn will continue to serve as the Liaison to the Affiliated Colleges in Nigeria.


Dr. John McNally has been appointed as Assistant Professor of Practical Theology for a five-year appointment. He will continue to serve as the Program Director of the Doctor of Ministry Program.

John joined Acadia Divinity College on May 1, 2014, as Associate Director of Doctoral Studies and Lecturer in Practical Theology. He was appointed Program Director of the Doctor of Ministry Program in March 2015.


Dr. Danny Zacharias has had a title change from Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies to Assistant Professor of New Testament Studies.

Danny was appointed to faculty on July 1, 2014, and he has been a Lecturer in Biblical Studies since 2008.  In January 2016, Danny became the Director of Hayward Lectures.


About Acadia Divinity College

Acadia Divinity College is the Faculty of Theology at Acadia University and is the official seminary of the Convention of Atlantic Baptist Churches. Acadia Divinity College offers theological education at the bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral levels, preparing men and women for leadership roles in churches, chaplaincies, denominational leadership, university and seminary teaching, cross-cultural mission, para-church leadership, and other areas of ministry. Graduate degrees are approved by the Association of Theological Schools in the United States and Canada. All degrees are awarded by Acadia University. For more information about Acadia Divinity College, visit our website at www.acadiadiv.ca.