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ACBAS partners with Regent’s Park College in new publication


The Acadia Centre for Baptist and AnaBaptist Studies (ACBAS) is proud to announce, in partnership with the Centre for Baptist History and Heritage Studies at Regent’s Park College, Oxford University, the publication of “William Kiffen and his World (Part 4)” by Larry J. Kreitzer.

“The London merchant William Kiffen (c. 1616-1701) is commonly regarded as one of the founding fathers of the Particular Baptists in London.  For over sixty years Kiffen played a significant role in the complex world of the seventeenth century, with its volatile mix of religion, politics and commerce.” –

A preview of the book is available here, and more information on the publication can be found on Regent’s Park College’s website for the project here.

You can find a listing of other publications by ACBAS on their website here

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