Administrative and Support Staff

President: Dr. Harry G. Gardner
Vice-President: Dr. Anna M. Robbins
Academic Dean: Dr. Stephen D. McMullin

Academic Assistant to the Academic Dean: Dr. Jody L. Linkletter
Administrative Assistant to the Vice-President: Karen Cann
Administrative Assistant to the Advancement Office: Trisha Urquhart
Administrative Assistant to the Registrar: Jennifer Yansouni
Administrative Support to Faculty: Karen Cann
Alumni Liaison: Trisha Urquhart
Building Manager: Eveline DeSchiffart
Communications Liaison: Shawna Peverill
Controller: Matt Kimball
Director of Advancement: Rev. John E. Campbell
Events Coordinator: Trisha Urquhart
Executive Assistant to the President: Eveline DeSchiffart
Receptionist: Karen Cann
Registrar and Manager of Student Services: Shawna Peverill

Academic Administrative Responsibilities

President and Dean of Theology: Dr. Harry G. Gardner
Academic Dean: Dr. Stephen D. McMullin

ADC Librarian: Dr. R. Glenn Wooden
Associate Director, Doctoral Studies: Dr. Jody L. Linkletter
Dean of Chapel: Dr. Harry G. Gardner
Dean of Students: Dr. Carol Anne Janzen
Director, Acadia Centre for Baptist and Anabaptist Studies: Dr. William H. Brackney
Director, ADC New Brunswick: Dr. Stephen D. McMullin
Director, Charles J. Taylor Centre for Chaplaincy and Spiritual Care: Dr. Carol Anne Janzen
Director, Crandall-Acadia Bachelor of Theology Partnership: Rev. Dale O. Stairs
Director, Distance Program: Dr. H. Daniel Zacharias
Director, Doctoral Studies: Dr. Anna M. Robbins
Director, Hayward Lectures: Dr. H. Daniel Zacharias
Director, Master of Arts (Theology) Program: Dr. R. Glenn Wooden
Director, Mentored Ministry Program: Dr. Carol Anne Janzen
Director, Simpson Lectures: Dr. Stephen D. McMullin
Director, Technology: Dr. Christopher Killacky
Director, Undergraduate Studies: Dr. Christopher Killacky
Director, Youth and Young Adult Ministry Program: Rev. Renée Embree
Liaison to Affiliated Colleges in Nigeria: Dr. R. Glenn Wooden
Program Director, Doctor of Ministry: Dr. John H. McNally