Hannah’s Story

In September, I enrolled in the first year of the Master of Divinity program; however, my journey to Acadia Divinity College began in my teens.

It was through serving at my home church and association camp, as well as my undergraduate studies and events offered by my denomination, that I discovered my calling from God to minister to the youth of Atlantic Canada.

I also recognized I need theological education to live out this call well, and for life.

Your generous financial support has allowed me to stay in Atlantic Canada, to learn here, train here, for here.

Thank you for being part of my story.

– Hannah
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Dr. Harry Gardner

President and Dean of Theology

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When students come to Acadia Divinity College, they find themselves surrounded by a community of faculty, staff, and fellow students as well as pastors, churches, ministries, and denominations.  We all play vital roles in preparing Christian leaders.

Hannah Bartlett is one such student. Through her faith community God opened her heart to His calling on her life, part of which includes leading her to Acadia Divinity College.

As part of this community, please join Lord’s work by assisting students like Hannah to prepare for ministry. With others, your support is critical to reach the Annual Fund goal of $350,000. At November 21, the College had received $134,240, representing 38% of the goal. We continue to need your help.

This Christmas, I pray that you will encourage students who are called to serve by giving a gift to Acadia Divinity College.

I wish you God’s blessing as we enter this season of Advent and Christmas,

Harry G. Gardner
President, Acadia Divinity College
Dean of Theology, Acadia University

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