Loss, Grief & Death

Designation: PACC 7233

The reality of death dramatically informs our living, and yet it is a reality that we can tend to ignore until forced to consider it. It is vital for ministering persons to grapple with the reality of mortality, their own and others, and to develop means of caring equal to the complexity and mystery of death and grief.  This course will explore the reality of death, and the nature of ministry to those who are dying and bereaved.  Biblical, theological, spiritual, psychological and ethical dimensions of death, dying and bereavement will be discussed.  All with a view to preparing students to embrace more deeply the reality of their own mortality, and to equip them to care for others in the face of loss, death and grief.




Dr. Dorothy Hunse
Assistant Professor of Pastoral Care: dorothy.hunse@acadiau.ca

Available at Acadia Wolfville Campus

Take this course at Acadia Divinity College’s main teaching site on the campus of Acadia University in beautiful Wolfville, Nova Scotia.

Course Information
Current Schedule - One-Week Intensive - Winter Term 2018 Designation

Reading Week: February 19 – 23, 2018

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