Hebrew Scripture Foundations

Designation: BIBL 5503

A general introduction to the historical, sociological, and theological context in which the Hebrew Scriptures came into existence, this course will provide the student with an understanding of the major emphases of the texts. In addition, the student will be introduced to themes of community life and praxis in the Hebrew Scriptures that find parallels in historical Indigenous worldviews of creation and Creator. The course will use community understandings, models and paradigms as a basis for comparison. This course is normally taught by an Indigenous instructor.

Recommended Prior Study

  • None


Dr. Andy Reimer
Associate Professor of Biblical Studies, NAIITS: adcinfo@acadiau.ca

Available Online

Take this course in an online format. Weekly assignments and readings are enhanced with online forum discussions.

Course Information
Current Schedule - Weekly - Fall Term 2017 Designation

Time of first class will be communicated via email by professor. Professor and students will determine regular class time during the first class.

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