Faith Development through Small Groups

Designation: DISP 4013

Explores the place of small groups within the wider ministry of the church in church in nurturing Christian spiritual growth – both in the individual and in the community of faith. Provides a practical knowledge of small-group ministry with its benefits and challenges and of various models, approaches and leadership training.



Recommended Prior Study

  • DISP 3013 Transformational Discipleship Ministry


Dr. John McNally
Assistant Professor of Practical Theology: (902) 585-2231:

Available in New Brunswick

We’re traveling so you don’t have to! This course is being offered as an extension class in New Brunswick.

Course Information
Current Schedule - Three-Weekend Intensive - Winter Term 2019 Designation

Crandall University, Moncton NB

Three weekends: January 18-19, Feb 15-16, March 15-16, 2019. (If needed, snow weekend April 5-6).

DISP 4013 N2