Developing Pastoral Identity for Local Church Ministry

Designation: PAST 3013

Students will consider the development of pastoral identity related to the call of God, a Biblical understanding of the church, and the many expectations of pastors today. Students will engage with church-health principles in light of their Biblical and theological foundations. Pastoral roles and practices will be explored to help students begin to formulate their personal approach to pastoral leadership and ministry.

Recommended Prior Study

  • None


Available as Intensive in Halifax / Truro region

We’re traveling so you don’t have to!  This course is being offered as an extension class in the Halifax/Truro region.

Course Information
Current Schedule - Three-Weekend Intensive - Winter Term 2018 Designation

3 weekends: Jan. 26-27, Mar. 2-3, and Mar. 23-24

Truro, NS

PAST 3013 M2