Crafting Worship for our Neighbourhood

Designation: LEDR 4223


Crafting contextual worship takes thought and skill. It involves giving attention to human practices expressed in the energizing presence of the Holy Spirit. Regardless of your style of worship, this course will encourage participants to consider and articulate what they are doing in their worship services and why. It will offer a way of reflecting on worship that gives attention to the dynamics at play in the progressive interaction of the variety of different potential ingredients of a service. Participants will be enabled to think about: the theological and practical, human and divine, individual and corporate processes operative in a worship event. With attention to such ideas, participants will be equipped to be better able to define, defend, create, and lead worship for their neighbourhood.


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Crafting Worship for our Neighbourhoods

Available as Intensive in Halifax / Truro region

We’re traveling so you don’t have to!  This course is being offered as an extension class in the Halifax/Truro region.

Course Information
Current Schedule - Weekly - Winter Term 2018 Designation

Thursdays 6:30-9:15pm at Stevens Road Baptist Church, Dartmouth, NS.

LEDR 4223 M2