Comprehensive Evaluation

Designation: DMIN 8133

Admission to DMin candidacy status (thus permitting the student to engage in thesis research and writing) is dependent upon a successful evaluation of the participant’s growth and integration of thought, practice, and scholarship. Participants must request their Comprehensive Evaluation interview in the year before they anticipate writing their thesis. The Comprehensive Evaluation has three components:

1. A 3,000-4,000-word self-evaluation, in which the participant evaluates the course work taken, the interactive learning experiences, and the ways by which the program has contributed to personal growth and a higher level of excellence in ministry. This self-evaluation is then compared with the reports of the ministry mentor as well as the records of faculty from whom courses have been taken within the program.

2. A 3,000-4,000-word paper summarizing “My Theology and Practice of Ministry,” which demonstrates the prospective candidate’s development from the inception of doctoral studies.

3. A draft chapter for the student’s thesis demonstrating his or her ability to research and write at the doctoral level.

Normally, the Comprehensive Evaluation committee is made up of a member of the DMin staff and one other faculty person who conduct an on-campus oral interview.

Recommended Prior Study